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Literacy coaching focuses on guiding the student in the development and strengthening of foundational reading skills such as: fluency, phonics, decoding, encoding, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. 

Executive Functions

The aim of Executive Function coaching is to strengthen, and aid in the growth of the student's executive functions such as: time management, organization, focus/attention, self regulation, working memory, persistence, etc. 

Early Childhood

Early childhood development teaches foundational skills to students ages 0-5. Examples of foundational skills include: language development, beginning level phonics, beginning level mathematics, beginning level writing. 


The homeschool service provides support to students and families. This service is of help to students who are participating in a virtual program while learning from home, or students who are in a complete homeschool program. There are a variety of ways that Alexandra is able to be of assistance when it comes to alternative types of schooling.  Please contact her to learn more.

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