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Tito Gil

"Ms. Andrews’ calling is clearly to teach young children.


As a professional, she is very skilled, highly-trained, on-time, communicates extremely well with the parents, and has enough diversity to improvise lessons when the moment calls for it.


As a human, she is genuine, kind, empathetic, highly intuitive, and has a unique calming and grounding presence that my son instantly responds to, and thrives in.


Combine her professional acumen with her natural personal attributes and it is not a surprise that my son is thriving and growing by leaps and bounds. He absolutely loves learning together with Ms. Andrews and is very aware of the days that they are scheduled to be together.


She has been an absolute blessing in our lives, and I look forward to having her guide my younger son in the same impactful manner that she guides my 5 year old."

Alexandra Dormoy

"They say that it “takes a village to raise kids” and as parents of 2 kids (ages 2 and 5) especially amoungst all difficulties that 2020 and 2021 has posed we can truley say this statement is true. Miss. Alex became an integral part of our village this last summer. As our daughter Charlotte (age 5) was approaching Kindergarten at a new school, we anticipated with all the “regular” changes to come in addition to the new parameters in place from COVID, we predicted that this transition would be especially difficult for us. It was at that point we reached out to Miss.Alex to inquire about her techniques and recommendations about entering this new phase of life. We were highly impressed with Miss. Alex’s educational and professional background, her professionalism and organizational skills. Most importantly we loved her enthusiasm and over all great attitude despite the upcoming dreary schooling situation. It was in all of these qualities combined with her instant great rapport with Charlotte that we decided to hire Miss.Alex for her homeschooling program. Miss.Alex was able to come into our home and smoothly transition Charlotte into one on one tutoring sessions. As the school year progressed and Charlotte’s school allowed in person education we were able to (thanks to the flexible and understanding character Miss.Alex posses) to change the homeschooling program to enrichment tutoring sessions twice a week. As of late Charlotte is doing great with Miss.Alex and looks forward to their sessions weekly.

Miss.Alex  challenges Charlotte (in good ways) in multiple facets (academically, emotionally and behaviorally) that will continue to ensure she will succeed in her kindergarten year. We are so blessed and thankful to have Miss.Alex on our team and look forward to continue Charlotte’s  enrichment lessons with her!"

Bernarda Malavenda

"Ms.  Andrews is the best

teacher your child will ever have. Her love of teaching her students, her kindness, and her vast knowledge of numerous subjects are just a few of her numerous qualities. Our children are the luckiest to have her as their teacher!"

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